Acrylic brush - EZFlow Acrylic Pencil round #14 - Acrylic brush- Acrylic nails


Product Description

Professional quality acrylic brush with natural bristles.
The perfect brush for creating beautiful acrylic nails. Due to the beautiful sharp point, it is also very precise to use.


Available in sizes #6 #8 #10 #12 #14 #16 and #18.

To protect the hairs during transport, a new brush has a gum layer. The gum layer makes the brush feel hard and it will therefore have to be removed before the first use.
How do you remove the gum layer?
Take the bristles of the brush between your fingers (preferably with a cellulose swab) and gently “break” (move) the bristles until the gum layer comes off.
Repeat a few times until almost no more gum and dust comes out.
Now fill a dappen dish with a little bit of liquid and immerse the brush.
Wipe the brush clean with a cellulose swab or a piece of kitchen roll.
Repeat this several times.
Throw away the contaminated liquid!
The brush is now ready to use.

During use and when cleaning the brush, make sure that the bristles do not separate, but remain in a point. And also clean the brush in between so that no product builds up in the brush.
Never store brushes with the bristles up (standing). The liquid sinks into the shaft, which can cause product contamination.
Preferably store the brushes hanging with the hair down. Or put the brushes horizontally.

Product specifications

Other characteristics

Number of items in package _ 1 piece
Weight _ 20 g
Colour _ Black
Product width _ 0.5 cm
Product height _ 0.5 cm
Product length _ 13 cm
Nail tool type _ Nail Templates and Tips
Packing width _ 0.5 cm
Packing height _ 13 cm
Packing length _ 0.5 cm