Eeltvijl pedicure dubbelzijdig fijn en krassend / Eeltverwijderaar - voetverzorgingsapparaat Eeltverwijderaar zwart

This professional callus rasp / callus file has a length of 19 cm and a width of 4 cm and is double-sided with scratching and fine file for pedicure.
Thanks to the comfortable handle, you can easily give enough power.
This callus file is best used for damp feet (after a bath or blissful foot bath). The coarse side is specially designed for maximum and easy removal of (heavy) calluses. The fine side is responsible for making the feet nice and smooth.

The actual grater is made of stainless steel and can therefore be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. This file achieves its excellent results thanks to the laser technology that ensures optimum filing and rasping power.

1x pcs