Eyelash Extensions Cleanser 100ml - Protein Remover Eyelashes cleanser


Product Description

A gentle, mild and gentle cleaning fluid for gentle cleaning. High quality

One of the secrets keeps glue more durable

Bulumata cleaning from dust and oil

Made of natural material

Nourish the original kebulumata to stay strong and not fall out easily

Product specifications

Product specifications

Includes glue _ no
Colour _ clear
Color code _ Eyelash Cleanser
Ingredients _ Protein Cleaner eyelash cleanser

Product information

Weight _ 120g

Material, Dimensions & Capacity

Material _ Natural hair | Synthetic Hair
Packing height _ 5 cm
Packing length _ 10 cm
Packing width _ 4 cm

Content and composition of this article

Number of pieces in package _ 1 piece

Other characteristics

Length eyelashes _ 0 mm
Language manual _ English
False eyelash product type _ fake eyelash tool
Eyelash type _ One by one eyelashes | Eyelash Set | eyelash strips
vegan _ no