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Product Description

About the product:
This Highlight comb is especially for the very demanding top hairdressers who go for comfort and convenience during their haircut and to get the perfect highlights! Also intended for private users. 2 combs with 2 different sizes 3.5cm and 5.3cm.

Thanks to the finish and the teeth of this comb, you can give the perfect locks the desired color.


1. Leave about 0.5-1 cm space between the roots and the hair before coloring
2. Choose the desired side for thicker or finer highlights
3. Take a section of hair and run the comb over it. The comb divides your hair in such a way that smaller and smaller tufts are selected for bleaching.

A comb for the most modern and hip hairstyles. A must have comb to enhance your range


✔ Comfortable
✔ High quality

✔ Strong, flexible and unbreakable

✔ Has soft teeth and does not chafe

✔ Resistant to hair care agents and chemicals

✔ Heat Resistant

mail This product is sent by letter mail. You do not have to be at home to receive the product!

Product specifications

Colour _ White
Type of comb _ Comb

Product information

Weight _ 0.05 kg

Material, Dimensions & Capacity

Material _ 100% polyester
Packing height _ 26mm
Packing length _ 10mm
Packing width _ 70mm

Content and composition of this article

Package Contents  _ 2x 3.5cm Highlight Comb

Other characteristics

Number of items in package _ 2 pieces)
Thickness comb _ coarse comb