Lash Foam Shampoo for eyelash extensions - Professional and daily use 120ml - eyelash extensions shampoo


Product Description

Guardian Beauty lash foam shampoo has been specially developed to properly clean eyelash extensions. The eyelash foam removes all oils and ensures a longer adhesion of the eyelashes. It is very important that your eyelash extensions stay clean! We recommend cleaning the eyelash extensions every 2 days. With this Guardian Beauty eyelash shampoo your extensions are optimally cleaned and this is good for the eyelashes. The content is 120 ML and is sufficient for several months.

Why is it important to have your lashes cleaned?
Maintaining clean lashes is crucial. The spaces between your eyelash extensions accumulate dirt and grease. You can experience the last irritation this way. You could see that eyelash extensions fall out less quickly than before when you use the Guardian Beauty eyelash rinse. Grease and dirt on the lashes will make the glue "soft" if you don't clean them. As a result, there will be hits. Both men and women can use our eyelash remover. Therefore, place your purchase of our eyelash shampoo immediately to take advantage of free shipping.

How to use :
1. Apply water to your eyelash extensions or natural eyelashes.
2. Open Guardian Beaty's lash shampoo and apply it to your lashes.
3. Then slide the eyelash shampoo from top to bottom and from left to right so that it has touched all the eyelash extensions. This can be done with an eyelash brush.
4. Using your brush, rinse the shampoo away with water until all the foam has foamed up.
5. Dry your lashes by gently blotting with a towel or dry paper, being careful to do this carefully.
6. Brush your eyelashes with an eyelash brush, we also offer this and can be found via Bol.

Product specifications

Product specifications

Substance _ Mousse
With scrub _ no
Alcohol-free _ no
Anti wrinkle _ no
Dermatologically tested _ Yes
pH neutral  _ no
Fragrance-free _ no

Product information

Weight _ 140g

Operating mode and operation

Skin type _ Fat skin

Material, Dimensions & Capacity

Content1 _ 20ml
Packing height _ 10 cm
Packing length _ 15 cm
Packing width _ 10 cm

Content and composition of this article

Number of pieces in package _ 1 piece)

Other characteristics

Number of items in package _ 1 bottles
Allergen information available _ no
Exfoliating _ no
Sex _ unisex
Skin need _ Acne & pimples
Skin problem _ Fat skin
Hypo-allergenic _ no
Content per dispenser _ 120ml
Natural ingredients _ Yes
Salicylic acid _ no
signal word _ Does not apply
Facial Cleanser Type _ cleansing mousse
caring _ no