Pro Wax Hair Removal Set 400 grams Wax Beans, Pre and Afterspray (2x 100ml) and 30 Wooden Spatulas for body and face


Skin type_  All skin types 400ml _ 1 piece

Product Description

Save time and costs with the Guardian Beauty pro wax hair removal set! A hairless skin that shines as if you just came from a mega expensive beauty salon and also wound-free because you don't run sharp razors along your skin. Within 10 minutes, this waxing device is already heated up and you can immediately start depilating your body.


Full body

The heated wax hair removal set can be used for depilation of any desired body part, including the face. Thanks to the rotating knob, you can always set the temperature, so you always have the right heat setting for your skin.


How to use

➜ 1. Before you start, scrub your skin and make sure it is completely dry.

➜ 2. Place the included wax beans in the bucket of the heater and press the on button. Set the desired temperature by turning the knob.

➜ 3. Take 1 of the wooden spatulas and apply the heated wax, against the direction of the hair, to the desired body part. Let this strip dry completely.

➜ 4. With your fingers, pull the wax off the body part in one smooth movement, against the direction of the hair.

➜ 5. If there are any hairs left over, you can remove them with extra wax or tweezers.

➜ 6. After the wax treatment, always care for your skin with a nourishing lotion or oil.



Save time and costs for hair removal at expensive beauty salons. In addition, with this wax hair removal set you prevent injuries or irritations from sharp razors.



Suitable for the entire body and face

Within 10 minutes at the desired temperature

Adjustable temperature options

Heat resistant and non-toxic

Quick to clean

Includes 400 grams of wax beans and 30 wooden spatulas

• Wax Heater
• Pre-Wax Spray (100ml)
• After-Wax Spray (100ml)
• 10x Wax Sticks
• 4x Wax Beans (100g)
• 30x Resin Strips

Product specifications

pH neutral _ no

Product information

Weight _ 1 kg

Operating mode and operation

Skin type _ All skin types
Use or application _ Whole body

Material, Dimensions & Capacity

Content _ 400ml
Packing height _ 148mm
Packing length _ 195mm
Packing width _ 193mm

Content and composition of this article

Number of pieces in package _ 1 piece

Other characteristics

Content per dispenser _ 500ml
Refill _ no
Language manual _ English