Wax Beans 1Kg - Wax Beans | Wax Pearls - Hard Wax Beans Yellow - Refill of 1000 grams of wax beans + 30 spatulas. Wax is suitable for body and face.


Product Description

Hair removal with wax beans? With this refill set of Guardian Beauty wax you can easily wax your body and face!
How to use

➜ 1. At the beginning, scrub your skin and make sure it is completely dry.

➜ 2. Place the included wax beans in the bucket of the heater you have at home and turn it on. Bring it up to temperature. This depends on your device at home or in the salon, around 70 degrees to max 95 use is ideal.

➜ 3. Take 1 of the wooden spatulas and apply the heated wax, against the direction of the hair, on the body part. Let this strip dry completely.

➜ 4. With your fingers, pull the wax off the body part in one smooth movement, against the direction of the hair.

➜ 5. If there are hairs, you can remove them with extra wax or tweezers.

➜ 6. Always care for your skin after the wax treatment with a nourishing lotion of oil.


Save time and costs for hair removal at expensive beauty salons. In addition, with this wax hair removal set you prevent irritations from razors.


Suitable for the entire body and face

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Important tips from Guardian Beauty: To prevent the wax should stay on the skin for a maximum of 20/30 seconds. This way the wax remains flexible so that you can pull in 1 easy movement. If it's not all the hairs, try being a little warmer on the wrist, but always test it on the wrist first so it's not too hot. Also take a good look at which direction the hair growth is; if it has multiple directions try to pull off the wax in all directions against the hair growth as well. If it does not measure any hairs at all, then you are often doing something wrong: the skin/hairs are oily from the environment is not dry, causing the hairs not to get between the wax and pull off.

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Order now and create a salon experience at home with GB's heated wax hair removal wax!

This set consists of:

- 1KG wax as a refill to depilate your body and/or face
- 30 wooden spatulas

Product specifications

Colour _ Yellow
pH neutral  _ no

Operating mode and operation

Skin type _ All skin types
Use or application _ Whole body

Material, Dimensions & Capacity

Content _ 1.11 kg
Packing height _ 68mm
Packing length _ 250mm
Packing width _ 180mm

Content and composition of this article

Number of pieces in package _ 2 pieces

Other characteristics

Content per dispenser _ 1000g
Refill _ Yes
Language manual _ English