Bold Hold Active - Hair Glue - Strong Hold Glue For Wigs and Hair Systems - The Hair Diagram - Invisible Bonding - Formulated For Oily Skin - Non Toxic - No Odor or Latex - Humidity Resistant & Waterproof - 1.3oz


Product Description

BOLD HOLD ACTIVE : Your new go-to, high-performance edging adhesive! Not your typical temporary adhesive, Bold Hold Active is a non-toxic water based adhesive designed to provide lightweight, superior, long lasting hold for lace and hair system wigs without damaging the lace or edges.

STRONG INVISIBLE CONNECTION: Waterproof and moisture resistant! Bold Hold Active is perfect for those with oily skin or those with a routine activity. This unique water-based formula is white and dries clear for a strong invisible bond that lasts for 2-3 weeks, even in the hottest climates.

LATEX FREE:Odorless, skin-friendly formula! Unlike other lace glues and wig glues that contain harsh ingredients, Bold Hold Active is made with non-toxic ingredients and is 100% latex free - lab tested and safe for normal skin types. Use with Skin Protect product recommended. Always perform a 24-hour patch test for sensitivity before use.
Safe Ingredients - Odorless APPLICATION: Gently cleanse skin with soapy water and remove body oil with a mild astringent or Bold Hold Lace Remover. Do not scrub or chafe the skin. Apply a thin layer of Bold Hold Active, maximum 7 layers. Allow the glue to dry transparently between uses. Apply lace to clear glue. Dry with a cool hair dryer and style. Use Bold Hold Lace Remover to remove, latex-free and non-toxic to prevent irritability and skin damage. Always Patch Test for Sensitivity

Made in USA - DETHE HAIR DIAGRAM:We manufacture the latest custom wigs, lace accessories, premium adhesives and other temporary fixation products - innovative solutions to meet your hold and hair styling needs with safe, skin-friendly formulas you can rely on. Our Bold Hold products are proudly made in an FDA registered laboratory in the United States. developed with high quality ingredients for safety and effectiveness. Made in an FDA registered lab

Product specifications

Dimensions & Sizes

Weight  _  38g

Product Features

Colour  _  Silver

Product information

Brand  _  Guardian beauty

Other characteristics

Target audience  _  Adults
Applicable character  _  no
Product width  _  8mm
Product weight  _  11 kg
Product length  _  50 cm
Packing width  _  2.5mm
Packing height  _  4mm
Packing length  _  2.5mm
Package Contents  _  1x Barbers Silver Snitch Necklace