Braiding Hair Synthetic 58cm (3-1#) | Hair Braids Extensions | Bleach hairs 2 packs x 58 cm per piece


Product Description

Beautiful braiding hair, excellent for making box braids, Senegal twists, silky locs, jumbo braids, ponytail braids, cornrow braid hairstyles and even updos.
This hair is easy to untangle while braiding. Anyone who has ever gotten into braids knows that the braiding hair can sometimes get tangled when you pull out small pieces of hair to weave into the braid, but this hair is tangle free and excellent to work with.
You can also use heat, steam and hot water to maintain the style.
The ends are healthy and not split.
Guardian Beauty synthetic hair is the best quality for curl, style & braid hair.

100% Synthetic
Length: 58cm
Pieces: 2
Weight: 200 grams (100 grams each)
Hot water resistant Tangle
Brushable / Combable Shatterproof
Easy to separate
Lightweight and comfortable to wear
Combable / Tangle free

Available in many colors, ombre colors and trio colors

This braiding hair is available in different colors, both natural shades as bright colors, as well as ombre (mixed color) hair. By ordering this product you will receive the color code for which you see the photo.

Important to know!!!
The colors of our products on this website may differ slightly from the actual product color. This has to do with how the colors are set on your computer, but the type of screen also influences how you see colors.