Cabantis Wide Wide Shark Comb + Wide 3 way comb black set - 2 Pieces


Product Description

This 3 way comb can be used on 3 sides.
ideal for styling your hair + Cabantis Wide Coarse Shark Comb

About the product:

Especially for the very demanding top hairdressers who go for comfort and ease while cutting. The comb has large teeth, making it perfect for detangling or styling your hair to the desired hairstyle. This Shark comb is also ideal to use when making a division in the hair.

The comb is wonderfully lightweight and is antistatic. Due to the ergonomic design, the comb fits very nicely in the hand. The Shark comb is designed to avoid tangling or damage to the hair.

A perfect hairstyle tool that is used by hairdressers, but also private users. A comb for the most modern and hip hairstyles.

Thanks to the finish, the coarse teeth of this comb are super smooth, so it goes through every hair type.
With the Sharkam you can determine the desired size in terms of surface division. You can of course also comb or style your hair in the desired hairstyle!

The comb has large teeth, making it perfect for the desired support while cutting and shaving with clippers.


✔Hair detangler
✔ Comfortable
✔ Light
✔ Anti-static
✔ High quality
✔ Strong
✔ Durable
✔ Resistant to hair care products and chemicals
✔ Heat resistant

A must have to enhance your collection!!

mail : This product is sent by letter mail. You do not have to be at home to receive the product!

length : 20.5 cm
width : 7 cm

1x Wide 3-way comb black
1x Cabantis Wide Coarse Shark Comb

Product specifications

Colour _ black
Type of comb _ Comb

Product information

Weight _ 0.05 kg

Material, Dimensions & Capacity

Material _ Plastic
Packing height _ 15mm
Packing length _ 150mm
Packing width _ 150mm

Content and composition of this article

Package Contents  _ 10x Combs

Other characteristics

Number of items in package _ 2 pieces)
Thickness comb _ Normal comb