Polygel - Polyacrylic Gel - Color Clear - 60gr - Gel nail polish - Fantastic shine and color depth - UV and LED curable - Artificial and natural nails


Product Description

Guardian Beauty Polyacrylic Gel 60gram the revolutionary new system in the field of traditional artificial nail techniques. Polygel is a handy all-in-one formula that allows you to create perfect nails in three easy steps.

The 3-step process of Polyacrylgel ensures perfect nails in an instant. First you press the Polyacryl gel from the handy tube and cut off a ball of Polyacryl gel. Then apply it and smooth it out. When you are satisfied with the result, cure the polyacrylic gel super fast under an LED or UV lamp.

- Ease of use
- Fantastic shine and color depth
- Lasts for at least 4-6 weeks provides a scratch-resistant long-lasting shine
- UV and LED curable
- can be easily removed without damaging the natural nail
- can be used on artificial nails and natural nails

Product specifications

Other characteristics

Number of items in package _ 1 piece
Dermatologically tested _ Yes
Effect _ glossy
Weight _ 60 g
Content _ 60ml
Colour _ clear
Color code _ clear
signal word _ Does not apply
starter kit _ no
Type of nail polish _ Polygel
vegan _ no
Packing width _ 80mm
Packing height _ 60mm
Packing length _ 120mm