200 Nano rings, color # 13 Ultra-Blond, with silicone to attach hair extensions, diameter 5 mm


Product Description

Nano rings  to attach hair extensions.

Nano rings  to secure hair extensions. The inside is with silicone against slipping and ensures the best adhesion, but are also safe and gentle on your own hair. Protects the hair and does not break the hair.


  • There is no heat involved so it is safe for your hair.
  • Very easy to fix.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Extensions that you secure with micro rings can be reused immediately, so it is cheap to use.
  • Low costs.
  • not difficult to place.

Available in the colors:

  • #1 Black
  • #3 Dark brown
  • #5 Brown
  • #6 Gray Blonde
  • #7 Light Blonde
  • #8 Dark blond
  • #11 Light brown
  • #13 Ultra Blonde
  • #15 Wine red


  • You always need a micro ring needle to place micro rings .
  • You also need micro ring pliers to squeeze the rings flat.


Draw a straight part on the skull and secure with a clamp. First slide a micro ring over the micro ring needle. select a small tuft of hair behind the hook of the needle. slide the ring over the needle and pull your own hair through the ring. slide a micro ring extension into the ring. With the forceps, position the ring at the correct height about 1 cm from the scalp. Then squeeze the ring firmly.


Always choose a ring in the color of the outgrowth or hair root of the hair instead of the color of the ends. This makes the confirmation less noticeable.

Product specifications

Other characteristics

Number of pieces in package _ 200 piece(s)
Hair colour _ Blond
Colour _ #13 Ultra Blonde
Length extension _ 5 cm
Hair extension type _ human hair
Packing width _ 30mm
Packing height _ 10mm
Packing length _ 60mm