Balayage - Highlight Combs Pink 2 Pieces


Product Description

This is the ultimate comb for creating Balayage - Highlights - Baby Highlights - Coupe soleil or Chuncky Highlights and shortens the (working) process to just 20 minutes!

The hair combs are made of non-slip material, so that the hair does not slip. With this comb you can make professional dividers and the comb is also anti-static. This prevents frizzy and frizzy hair during styling. The handle is extra long and made of stainless steel. The combs are lightweight and comfortable to hold. This innovative highlight comb set consists of 2 combs for different applications.

Pull a strand of hair over the comb. Move the strand down several times so that the comb can create a perfect separation between the two layers of hair. Grab the top layer of hair and the treatment can begin! Tip: Using the comb takes some getting used to, practice before you get serious!

Product specifications

Colour _ Pink
Type of comb _ Comb

Product information

Weight _ 60 g

Material, Dimensions & Capacity

Material _ ABS
Packing height _ 5 cm
Packing length _ 8 cm
Packing width _ 2 cm

Content and composition of this article

Package Contents  _ 2x Highlighting Kamen

Other characteristics

Number of items in package _ 2 pieces
Thickness comb _ fine comb