Hair Highlight Cap - Magicap Reusable Hair Color Highlighting Tipping Cap And Metal Hook Tipping


Product Description

Reusable hat for easy setting of beautiful and precise high- or lowlights!

The Magicap is reusable and latex-free. Due to its good fit with protective edge, the Magicap can be used perfectly for high-lights and low-lights. Due to the use of silicone, the hairline always remains clearly visible during the treatment.

The Magicap Classic comes with a neck protector.

So order the Magicap Classic Reusable Highlight Hat now, and we'll make sure it's delivered to you quickly!

  • One size fits all
  • Reusable and sustainable
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Magicap Reusable Hair Color Highlighting Tipping Cap made of silicone rubber and molded for a comfortable fit. (one size fits all).
  • Supplied with a free steel hook, the Magicap is a durable and reusable highlight cap with an ultra-accurate fit and protective brim.
  • It seals itself around the root area, has no bleeding back and your client's hairline is clearly visible. can use the Magicap for all highlight and low light techniques and it is much easier to use than foils for highlighting very short hair.