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Product Description

Best keratin treatment products - Healthy and shiny hair in no time? From now on it is no longer possible to have an expensive keratin treatment done in a salon. With this home set you can do it yourself! The same result is guaranteed and that for only a fraction of the salon price. Say goodbye to dry, unmanageable frizzy hair, because this is a thing of the past!
The keratin treatments were discovered in Brazil during a study to see how the hair can be made healthy again. An additional effect is that the hair not only becomes healthier, but also shinier and can be styled permanently if desired. Many customers are positively surprised by the result of the Magic Master keratin treatment!

The keratin treatment is completely formaldehyde-free. Formaldehyde is a substance found in many keratin treatments and is not good for health. The Magic Master keratin does not use formaldehyde and has a nice coconut scent. As an extra gift, 2 bottles of test shampoo and conditioner are also included.

On average, our customers do 2-4 treatments per set. This means you can move forward for the time being! The number of treatments depends on the thickness and length of your hair, but also on how much product you use. It is important to know that the hairs must be treated well, but it is not necessary to apply excessive product - this will only increase the drying time.

- 110 ml clarifying keratin shampoo - 110 ml
Brazillian Thermal Reconstruction
- 110ml Amino Moisturizing Condition

Directions for use:
1- Wash hair twice with clarifying shampoo (No. 1), rinse and towel.
2- 80% dry by medium heat wind and partition.
3- Apply cream (No. 2) in the hair (avoiding the scalp) with a fine-toothed comb. Comb 4 times and comb out the excess. Make sure to apply the cream evenly on all hair.
4- Hold for 20 -25 minutes.
5- Blow-dry the hair on medium heat until about 70% dry.
6- Use the straightener set to 2200c - 2300c (the temperature depends on the hair quality). Smooth the hair from to the end hair 5 times to seal the treatment.
7- wait 5 minutes to keep hair cool.
8- Apply BK, Keraplex (No. 3) mask and hold for 10 minutes. Then wash at the BK. Keraplex shampoo sulfate free shampoo.

Order this complete keratin treatment now and receive it quickly at home!

Product specifications

Other characteristics

Dermatologically tested _ Yes
Suitable for hair type  _ brunettes | curly hair | Normal hair | frizzy hair
Weight _ 436g
hair problem _ Lifeless & fine hair
Hypo-allergenic _ no
Ingredient _ sargan oil
Content _ 110ml
Content per dispenser _ 110ml
Natural ingredients _ Yes
Packing width _ 4.5 cm
Packing height _ 13.5 cm
Packing length _ 13.5 cm
Package Contents  -  110ml Clarifying Keratin Shampoo - 110ml Brazillian Thermal Reconstruction - 110ml Amino Moisturizing Condition
pH neutral _ Yes