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Product Description

Beautiful nail/transfer foil for decorating the nails.
Apply with special foil glue. (including)


  1. You apply the transfer foil with a foil glue.
  2. Apply an even layer of the foil adhesive. Leave the glue for 30 sec. Cure under a UV/LED lamp. The layer remains tacky.
  3. Cut the transfer foil to the desired length and press the foil, colored side up, onto the nail. Rub the foil all over the nail or the part of the nail you want to decorate with foil. Then remove the foil.
  4. Now apply a layer of Base&Finish or QuickFinish to finish the nail and cure it well.

TIP! If the foil does not adhere sufficiently to the foil adhesive, vary the curing time. Every lamp is of course different. It can also sometimes help to wipe the foil off with a little cleaner on a cellulose swab.

For professional use with high quality.

- No Glue included.

Product specifications

Other characteristics

Number of items in package _ 1 piece
Weight _ 220 grams
Includes glue _ no
Colour _ black and pink
Product width _ 130 cm
Product height _ 30 cm
Product length _ 155 cm
Type nail art tool _ nail stamp
Packing width _ 130mm
Packing height _ 30mm
Packing length _ 155mm