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Product Description

This Professional Digital Nail Grinder machine is the ideal nail grinder machine for people who want to give their nails a professional look. From now on you no longer have to spend money at a nail studio. Thanks to this professional nail milling machine, it is possible for both the beginner and the advanced to polish and sand his/her natural and artificial nails in an effective way.

Professional use
This nail milling machine has been developed in such a way that it is used at a professional level. The display shows the speed at which the nail milling machine is running. The speed can be easily adjusted from 0-35,000 rpm using the rotary knob, making it easy to handle nails. The nail milling machine is made of high-quality material, so that the nail mill makes almost no noise and the vibration is minimal. The nail grinder feels nice in the hand, which is nice when treating your nails. The nail milling machine is equipped with a foot pedal, so that the nail mill can also be turned on and off with the foot.

Professional Digital Nail Cutter Machine
For both professional and home use
Features a LED display
Ergonomic design
Multifunctional: engraving, milling, grinding, filing and polishing
Speed ​​can be adjusted manually or by using the supplied foot pedal
Equipped with a built-in rotation

switch Time & money saving
Every time to the nail studio. We all know how much time it takes to go to the nail salon again and again. In addition, this treatment costs a lot of money. Thanks to the nail milling machine, you can easily touch up your nails at home. Your nails have never looked so beautiful!

Colour White

Product specifications


Package Contents  _ Complete set as per photo

Weight _ 1 kg

Other characteristics

Number of batteries/batteries included _ 1
Battery/battery code _ 12V23A
Battery/battery model _ 12V
Battery/battery technology _ No batteries
CE marking _ Does not apply
Factory warranty term  _ 1 year
Suitable for diabetics _ no
Suitable for left-handers _ Yes
Colour _ White
Cord storage space _ no
LED-lighting _ no
MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) _ GB 35000
Material _ 100% polyester
Charging time _ 0 min
Language manual _ English
Rpm _ 35,000 r/min
Manufacturer's warranty exceptions  _ 1
Packing width _ 30 cm
Packing height _ 10 cm
Packing length _ 30 cm
Power Type _ 3-wire
For professional use _ Yes